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Plugging Windows 10 on a plug

by on05 June 2015

Connect it where you want

While Microsoft has been plugging Windows 10, a Taiwanese outfit has installed the operating system on a computer the size of a plug.

Quanta's Compute Plug is similar to lots of light weight systems, the only difference is that they are forced to use something lightweight like a low spec version of Linux. The device is plugged in directly and has an HDMI port and two USB sockets.

Microsoft was proudly showing off the Plug alongside more conventional Windows 10 computers, at its Computex 2015 keynote address. What is super sexy about the plug is that it can be voice controlled using the company's virtual personal assistant. So you can shout at your plug until it turns off.

"The new Compute plug from Quanta is a mini PC and power adapter in one that can be plugged into any outlet and connected to a TV to turn it into a smart computer that can be controlled using Cortana via a Bluetooth remote or headset."

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