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Microsoft Edge gets Dolby

by on28 May 2015

Stop your browser hissing

Microsoft has said that its new browser for Windows 10, the Edge will come with support for Dolby Audio.

The big idea is that you can have high-performance audio when visiting websites and loading apps using this format.

Writing in its bog, Microsoft said: "It allows websites to match the compelling visuals of H.264 video with equally compelling multi-channel audio. It works well with AVC/H.264 video and also with our previously announced HLS and MPEG DASH Type 1 streaming features, which both support integrated playback of an HLS or DASH manifest."

Windows 10 also comes with Dolby Digital Plus codec support, so the overall sound experience in the new operating system should be greatly improved with both speakers and headphones. The sound will be louder and clearer, the company promises, and this should be valid not only for PCs but also for portable devices such as mobile phones.

While we are big fans of sound technology we are not really sure about this one. Dolby is about noise reduction and we don't to that many noisy sites.  The only time I ever heard any hiss from a browser  was when we were trying out Apple's Safari and that turned out to be me. 

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