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Major AMD refresh planned for next year

by on05 May 2015

Needs it

AMD was planning a financial analyst's day on Wednesday, but it seems that materials from the event may have leaked out.

AMD Slides which ended up in the paws of IT World show the company is basically treading water this year.

However the plan is a jump in technology with new desktop and mobile CPUs centred on Zen.

This year we will see a second generation FX CPU with up to eight Piledriver CPU cores and the fastest chip AMD has on the market is the AMD FX-9590 with eight cores at 4.70GHz, and the eight-core FX 8370, a 4GHz part.

Later this year will be the "Godavari" line, which is a Kaveri refresh with up to four Steamroller CPU cores, AMD's Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU technology, HSA features but not full support and AMD TrueAudio. Beema should be its low-end part for 2015 as it has been for all of this year.
In 2016 comes a complete refresh with major die shrinks. The FX will be replaced by Summit Ridge CPU with up to eight Zen cores. The FX CPUs are 32nm so that is a big jump.

Godaveri and Carrizo, will be replaced in 2016 by Bristol Ridge. This processor has up to four Zen CPU cores, a Next Generation GCN engine, HSA 1.0 support, AMD True Audio, AMD Secure processor and a new FM3 socket. Bristol Ridge is 14nm design.

Beema and Carrizo-L will be replaced in 2016 with a 14nm part called Basilisk. This dual core unit will also feature next-gen GCN GPU tech, full HSA 1.0 support, AMD TrueAudio and AMD Secure Processor.

AMD's ultra-low power Amur CPU, based on ARM processor cores, will be replaced in 2016 with a dual core K12 processor called Styx. Amur is based on the current Cortex A57 processor. Styx has a 2 watt power draw of a CPU on "average" conditions.

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