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Oculus boss disturbed by Nvidia lawsuit

by on20 April 2015

Will end in tears for more than just Samsung and Qualcomm

The CTO of Oculus has hit out at Nvidia's on-going patent infringement scrap against Samsung and Qualcomm.

John Carmack described the action as "disturbing."

"It disturbs me that Nvidia reports on their patent litigation as if we are supposed to be cheering for them," he tweeted.

This is a little worrying coming from the bloke who was a big fan of Nvidia and starred Nvidia's G-Sync launch event and took the stage with Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang to promote the technology when it debuted.

Carmack publicly acknowledges his close relationship with Nvidia and has rarely worked to hide his fondness for the company.

For those who came in late, Nvidia claims the GPU used by Samsung or Qualcomm is its idea and that every single other graphics chip maker. Including ARM, AMD and Intel is infringing.

But Carmack seems to share the same general view that's being expressed across industry that Nvidia Tegra has not done as well the hyper-competitive mobile market.

This legal battle is viewed in the industry as a vehicle for Nvidia to undermine its mobile competitors and establish a foothold in the mobile market.

Something that Carmack was quick to point out.

"I want Nvidia to win the mobile market by virtue of engineers, not lawyers." he said.




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