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Windows XP will not die

by on03 March 2015

People are installing it

After a slump in the use of Windows XP, it appears that some daft people are re-installing it, even as they walk away from Windows 7.

Statcounter has Windows 7 dipping a little to 54.13 per cent and Netmarketshare has it up 0.07 per cent to 55.99 per cent of detected desktops. Both outfits have Windows 7 below highs recorded in 2014. Windows 8.1 is up from 10.04 per cent in January to 10.49 per cent in February on Netmarketshare's numbers, and from 14.27 per cent to 14.78 per cent according to Statcounter.

However what is alarming is that Windows XP use is starting to increase again – making it the herpes of operating systems. Statcounter had it up from 11.99 per cent to 12.23 percent. Netmarketshare has it edging up from 18.93 per cent to 19.15 per cent.

Those figures have Windows XP growing only a little more slowly than Windows 8.1! This is based on the traffic as it hits web servers. It is possible that someone is building banks of old XP machines to hit internet websites, but surely there are better ways to do that.

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