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Daft USB technology of our time

by on17 February 2015

Mother of USB hubs

There have been a few moments when we depended on our faithful USB hubs to run all the gear we had plugged in to our PC.

A couple of times, we wished we had a few more ports to play with. Now it seems that Brando has found an outfit is about to make a USB hub which is so silly we can't see the point.

The hub has 49 Ports and is enhanced by the fact that it has been painted bright yellow and positively screams "look at my ports." Not that you could miss what 49 USB cables looks like.

Brando managed to find 49 USB cables in the company to fill all of them, but it does not show you what they are connected to. We can't immediately think of 49 things that use that many USB cables.

You also need to provide your own power supply. You need a 60A, 5V unit to keep it all humming along. The hub itself has over voltage and over current protection built in.

The price of the hub, excluding a power supply, is $174.

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