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Xbox and Playstation were finished off by Lizards

by on29 December 2014

Finn end of the wedge

F-Secure, has confirmed to the Finnish media that one of the hackers who brought down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services on Christmas Day is based in Finland.

Mikko Hyppönen, the research director of the computer security company said that rumours have been circulating for several months about the "Lizard Squad" group of hackers who say they disrupted the two computer games console networks on Christmas Day. He confirmed that at least one of them is a Finn.

One of the hackers, in a Skype interview from Finland by Britain's Sky News, bragged that the attack was carried out for amusement and to expose security flaws in the networks.

Hyppönen told Helsingin Sanomat and MTV that his company has been aware of the hacker group for several months.

"According to our information, the group has members in the United States, Canada, England and at least one member in Finland," he told MTV.

Hyppönen noted that these kinds of groups come and go. Their members are usually young and use DDoS attacks.

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