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US Government official sues journalists over Snowden

by on24 December 2014

Free speech helps "foreign enemies"

A US government official has decided to sue the makers of an Oscar-contending documentary about Edward Snowden. 

Horace Edwards, who identifies himself as a retired naval officer and the former secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation, has decided to sue the makers of Citizenfour.

He said that he wants to hold Snowden, director Laura Poitras, The Weinstein Co., Participant Media and others responsible for "obligations owed to the American people" and "misuse purloined information disclosed to foreign enemies."

Represented by attorney Jean Lamfers, Edwards appears to be making the argument that Snowden's security clearance creates a fiduciary duty of loyalty — one that was allegedly breached by Snowden's participation in the production of Citizenfour without allowing prepublication clearance review.

He said that the producers and distributors, they are said to be "aiding and abetting the theft and misuse of stolen government documents."

Edwards is jolly cross at Snowden. He thinks that his actions were "dishonorable and indefensible and not the acts of a legitimate whistleblower.” He is also cross at Hollywood for "omitting from the storyline" perceived acts of foreign espionage.

Poitras for doing things like "hiding Snowden in her hotel room while he changes into light disguise, accepting all of the purloined information to use for her personal benefit financially and professionally, filming Defendant Snowden’s meeting with a lawyer in Hong Kong as he tries to seek asylum…"


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