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Top sci-fi writer is a troll

by on14 November 2014

Career in doubt

The career of a sci-fi author is in doubt after she was outted as a notorious racist troll.

Benjanun Sriduangkaew has been hailed as part of a new crop of diverse voices in Sci-Fi fiction her novella Scale Bright was acclaimed as one of the year's best, her short stories appeared in esteemed publications like Apex, and she was nominated for a 2014 Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Recently the Verge dubbed her "a short story virtuoso."

But it turns out that Sriduangkaew has a decade-long history of spewing violent, homophobic, transphobic, racist, and sexist hate speech using two sockpuppets. She has had a long history of trolling in the gaming community and has been flung off multiple comms under a long list of aliases for anti-social behaviour.

More recently she has been focusing most of her attacks on white male writers, but also making a point of attacking women, including transwomen and women of colour. Now there is a question if a publisher will dare to support Sriduangkaew because of her longstanding alternate personalities. The point is that the rest of her work might be brilliant, but is effectively destroyed by her online antics. It is OK for a writer to be anti-social, but there are limits.

One the people that Sriduangkaew attacked attempted suicide, there have also been numerous rape threats, death threats, and sustained harassment campaigns.

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