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Viral video showed how backward US men are

by on06 November 2014

Results didn’t happen in other countries

A viral video which showed a woman being hassled in New York might have more to say about American culture than many want to admit.

The video went viral at the end of October which showed In a New York, actress Shoshana Roberts is catcalled, complimented, whistled at and harassed more than 100 times over a 10 hour period. The video shocked the world and created a discussion around the horrible truth that American men see women walking the streets alone as targets.

At the time the American press said it was just normal and would happen anywhere in the world and that did not mean that American men were socially retarded, knuckle-dragging misogynists who hassle women all the time.

A New Zealand model tried the same trick with a hidden GoPro camera in front of her to film men's reactions. You would think that New Zealand, which English idiots are fond of saying “it is exactly like England in the 1960s,” would be a little backward when it came to such a test.

Apparently not. Nicola Simpson wearing a casual sweater, jeans and sneakers, captures barely anyone's attention. The most dramatic moment is when an Italian guy chases her down to ask if she is from Italy before apologising for stopping her. Another man asked her for directions.

The American press reply? Auckland has a population of around 1.3 million while NYC is filled with more than 8.4 million. New York is a melting pot of cultures and types of people, where Auckland is mainly filled with, well, people from Auckland. Clearly they have not lived there. Auckland is extremely cosmopolitan – it is just that the US is backward when it comes to women.

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