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No user RAM upgrades on new Mac mini

by on20 October 2014

User should be able to replace the hard drive

In an interesting decision by Apple, the new Mac mini that are included in the latest refresh have done away with the ability for users to replace or upgrade the memory. Instead Apple as elected to solder the memory to the board, so when you order it make sure you get all of the memory you want in the future.

While no one knows why Apple elected to go this direction, they have made the memory pricing a bit better with an upgrade to 8GB only costing an additional $100 or an upgrade to the max 16GB only adding an additional $300 for the lower end model. The mid and higher end model comes with 8GB of memory standard and can be upgraded to 16GB for an additional $200.

While the memory cannot be replaced or upgraded, the same is not true of the hard drive. While it is pretty much a given that tampering with your Mac mini to upgrade or replace your hard drive would void any warranty you may or may not have, it does appear that it is possible to do so.

While Apple is limiting the internal storage offerings to a max of 1TB, it is offering the Fusion Drive as a standard feature in its top-end models. It could for example be released with a SSD or a larger hard drive.

One other news of note, the new Mac mini apparently uses some tamper-proof screws that are sure to make those wanting to get inside their Mac mini pretty unhappy.

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