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Dutch hackers own PC stores

by on09 October 2014

Security, they have heard of it

Dutch hackers have been wandering into Media Markt, MyCom, Paradigit and Computerland and installing malware and mining for bitcoins using display computers.

Research by Computerworld found that laptops in Saturn (now renamed Media Markt) were tuned by one hacker to make him Bitcoins. In one month one hacker claimed to have earned € 500 earned In a branch of MyCom.

In other cases hackers have installed malware which has been sniffing for personal details form customers and, sometimes, the people who have taken the gear home.

Demonstration models in the computer stores rarely run antivirus programs so the malware is not detected or blocked.

For a while the stores have relied on the fact that changing the software required the password of the manager. However in some stores, this has either not been followed or the password is the super cryptic “password” or “1234”.


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