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Hackers and trolls down Sony

by on25 August 2014

Even your flight is not safe

Sony had a miserable weekend. Not only did its game division had its servers targeted by online attackers, but the president of Sony's online entertainment division along with a full aircraft load of people were grounded too.

Sony Playstation network servers in North American went down early this morning due to a DDoS attack and John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment, had his American Airlines flight to San Diego grounded in Phoenix after a troll group called Lizard Squad tweeted at the airline that there might be explosives on-board.

Lizard Squad claimed credit for the DDoS attack, too but another hacker called Famed God also claimed credit and he provided proof.

American Airlines has yet to acknowledge Lizard Squad's threat as the reason for the diversion, citing only "a security related issue." However, the FBI is investigating.

Famed God has made it a hobby to take down Sony claiming it has not learnt anything since 2011 when the outfit was badly hacked. Famed God's motivation for the attack, taken from their YouTube video, was about protecting the users from future security breaches.

Lizard Squad tweeting a fake bomb threat at a plane is surely yet another ploy for fame, but what is strange is how they knew that Smedley was on the flight.


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