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Dog sniffs kiddie pornography

by on07 July 2014

Connecticut coppers relying on the nose

Connecticut State Police Training Academy has trained a golden Labrador to sniff out hard-drives and gadgets which could contain kiddie porn.

Thoreau received 22 weeks of training in how to detect devices in exchange for food, which is basically the only currency a dog is interested in. He carried out his first search warrant in June pinpointing a thumb drive containing child pornography hidden four layers deep in a tin box inside a metal cabinet.

Detective Adam Houston, Thoreau’s handler said that if a device has a memory card, Thoreau can sniff it out. This is a problem as child pornographers hide devices in ceiling tiles or even radios. Thoreau can sniff out a hard drive inside a Ziploc bag the upper shelf of a desk. In exchange, Thoreau got a biscuit and someone does time.

Now all they have to is work out how to give Thoreau a gun and appear on the witness stand and he can be a real US cop.

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