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Free music goes Prime on Amazon

by on13 June 2014

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But only for old timers

Amazon just sexed up the deal with its Prime service to deal with the fact that people were a little septic about having to pay $99 for the service.

Prime used to cost $79 which was $20 less. Now a month after the price hike Amazon has said it will give users a new service called Prime music.

The service comes with mediocre 1 million songs which you probably would not want to listen to with a few that you might such as Daft Punk, P!nk, Bruno Mars, Blake Shelton, The Lumineers, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna.

The Universal Music group is missing from the list. Amazon has listed its 100 popular artists and we are talking about Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel albums. Clearly this is not a service for those who wear their trousers around their knees.

There is a huge lack of current music – even the over exposed Lady Gaga is not there. This suggests that Amazon has done the numbers and decided that those who moaned the most about the Prime price hike were old timers.

Amazon prime will continue to offer second day shipping, video streaming as well as e-book landing services that won't chance and over the time we expect to see more content. Amazon prime video has a few shows and movies to offer but it is not a real match to Netflix.

Getting Spofity for music (12 months costs $119.99) and Neftix for video ( 12 months costs 107.88) costs significantly more but at the same time offers lots more.

The Amazon prime music will work on phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops as long as you own a valid Amazon prime, or Amazon prime student account and it should be available right away.


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