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Developers want to be millionaires

by on17 April 2014

Who doesn’t?

A new study has found that more than half of today’s developers expect to become millionaires. Chef, an automation platform vendor, last month commissioned a survey of 1,000 U.S. software developers to gauge their attitudes about their roles in business, society and politics.

Chef's executive summary said that developers were emerging as a new power class that is on the cusp of being recognized as a highly influential group in business and society.

“Traditionally considered a disenfranchised group that was underappreciated and not well understood in business, this class is now recognized as the source of ideas and innovation. They're empowered by employers, connected to government, well aware of their value in society and extremely optimistic about their future," the report said.

More than 66 percent expect to get raises in the next year and 56 percent expect to become millionaires. They see growth opportunities across several different industries and 69 percent see their jobs as "recession-proof."

Apparently, developers no longer see themselves as nerdy, introverted geeks. (We still do though. Ed)

"Longstanding stereotypes misrepresent developers' breadth of interests and collaborative nature, inaccurately portraying them as withdrawn from business and society," Chef's report said.


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