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Xbox Live service on iOS?

by on04 March 2014

Will take on Apple Game Center

Microsoft is apparently looking to go cross platform with the news that it will go head-to-head with Apple’s Game Center with a cross-platform version of the Xbox Live for iOS and Android devices. This is really an expansion of the Xbox Live platform to new devices. Up till now Microsoft has offered a “Smart Glass” application that acts as an extension of the player’s console, but this new Xbox Live for cross-platform would be that and so much more.

Microsoft hopes that the push could help it win back developers that have moved on to designing new titles for platforms other than Microsoft’s platforms. This has become a serious issue for the company and it needs to court small independent developers by revising their approach and trying to work with them.

The Xbox Live service could apply to each and every platform as a way to universally track achievements, connect with friends, and maybe even be able to connect to play cross-platform titles at some point in the future.

There is no time table to yet on when this might be released, but since Microsoft already has the Smart Glass application on both iOS and Android, making the jump to get to the next level, might not be as far as one might think. We will keep following this story as more details emerge.

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