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Atari documentary gets premier date

by on03 November 2014


November 20th only on Xbox Live

The documentary that was being co-produced by Microsoft’s now no longer existing Microsoft Entertainment Studios, better known by the question that it answers has finally got a premier date on Xbox Live.

The documentary which is now called “Atari: Game Over” finally answers the question of what happened to all of those Atari 2600 ET cartridges and are the truly buried in a landfill? The only thing is that we sort of already know the answer as word leaked out about the “success” of the dig.

Atari: Game Over was part of a six-film series called Signal to Noise which was a project between Microsoft Entertainment Studios and Lightbox Entertainment. Lightbox Entertainment was founded by Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn.

Director Zak Penn has confirmed that the documentary will premiere on November 20th on Xbox Live. No word yet on how this will work, meaning is going to have a cost or will it be free? Despite some suggestions that you will only be able to watch it on Xbox One, out sources tell us that you will be able to see it on both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

We believe that the original intention was to have some “free” Microsoft programming and we think that this was part of this “free” programming. Given the current situation we are not so sure that it will be free, but since Microsoft subsidized the making of this documentary, it is possible that it still will be free to watch.


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