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Gates canned by the “Justin Bieber of Chess”

by on27 January 2014

No Drink Driving Involved

While Bill Gates is supposed to be super-intelligent, with a 1,590 score out of 1,600 on the SAT, it seems that he has met his match facing the kid dubbed the “Justin Bieber of Chess.” Magnus Carlsen, 23, a "grandmaster" chess player since the age of 13 and new world chess champion, just 71 seconds to defeat Gates on a Norwegian television show.

The 58-year-old even had an advantage. He was given 2 minutes to decide each move versus just 30 seconds for Carlsen. Carlsen did not need 30 seconds and responded to each Gates move nearly instantly. Gates was soundly checkmated in nine moves.

"Wow, that was fast," Gates said in response to being beaten by the young man who is known as the "Justin Bieber of Chess.”

We are not sure where the title comes from, as far as we can tell, Carlsen is not a serial idiot with a bunch of pre-teen fans who do whatever he tells them, unlike Gates’ archrival, Steve Jobs. He is famous though for walking away from the board and having a few drinks while his opponent deliberates his moves.

Last we heard Justin Bieber does not get offered a lot of money to play chess with Russian oligarchs and Wall Street bankers.


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