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Spooks raid Internet activist’s German flat

by on23 December 2013

Searched the Lebensraum

A US Internet activist and one of the people with access to Edward Snowden's documents claims that his house has been burgled by US spooks. Jacob Appelbaum, who lives in Berlin, told the Berliner Zeitung" paper that his apartment was broken into, saying he suspected US involvement.

He also said that US spooks were spying on him in the German capital. Apparently the spooks who broke into his apartment had used his computer in his absence. Appelbaum installed four alarm systems in my apartment before when went away on business. When he returned, three of them had been turned off, but the fourth, however, had registered that somebody was in my flat - although he is the only one with a key. Some of his effects, whose positions I carefully notes, were askew. His computers had been turned on and off.

Appelbaum accused the US security services of practicing a policy of subversion or disruptiveness similar to that in the former Communist East Germany. Surveillance is being used a terror tool and supports the much more violent terror of the drone war, Appelbaum, said.

Appelbaum often draws a link between telecommunications surveillance and unmanned aircraft strikes in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. Appelbaum moved to Berlin citing better privacy protection in Germany and saying he did not feel safe in the US after a series of airport detentions after trips abroad.

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