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VIA sues Asus and its execs

by on19 December 2013

Things getting worse

Now that the Taiwan Prosecutor's Office is to start criminal proceedings against a subsidiary of Asustek Computer for spying, it seems that VIA is going to sue the company for damages.

It was revealed earlier this week that Asustek will have to see off criminal spying charges against its subsidiary Asmedia and four employees, including Chang Chi, VP of R&D. Now VIA today announced that it has filed a civil suit in the Taipei District Court seeking damages of at least US$138 million from Asustek and its subsidiary Asmedia Technology.

This is to collect the cash VIA lost because Asmedia might have lifted its UBS technology. Also named in the suit are Asmedia Chairman Jerry Shen, Asmedia President Lin Chewei, and other Asmedia employees involved in the case.

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