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GameStop claims 2.3 million waiting for PS4

by on22 November 2013

Expects Sony to sell 2+ million units before end of quarter

While discussing GameStop’s latest financials, the company says that its current allocation of PlayStation 4 consoles is already sold out. The company says it believes that Sony will move over 2 million units before the end of the quarter.

What is perhaps more shocking is that the company says that 2.3 million people are still waiting on a PlayStation 4 console. While Sony says that it has already sold 1 million consoles in the first 24 hours, it isn’t clear yet how many more consoles they can produce to satisfy the holiday demand.

While the Sony PS4 is out the door, GameStop also expects heavy sales of the Xbox One as well. The company was not clear about how many more consoles it can expect of each unit. The company does think it can move as many as it can get.

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