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EFF opens patent trolling site

by on12 August 2013

Helps you identify your trolls

The EFF, along with some other organisations, have launched Trolling Effects to create a database of patent troll threats.

One of the problems with patent trolls is that many outfits who receive threat letters from trolls quickly do the math and realize it's cheaper to just pay up to get the troll to go away than to fight it in court. According to a press release The Trolling Effects site is designed to provide some more transparency on this issue, by getting recipients of threat letters to publish them in a searchable database.

Normally no one outside of the troll and the recipient even knows about these letters and threats exist. The EFF has worked out that if more than a few companies know that they are being trolled they can gang up and send the troll packing. Not only will this provide a lot more information for public study, but it will also help recipients of these letters know that they're not alone and can save a lot of cash in the long term.

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