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Gore site owner arrested

by on18 July 2013

Blood and guts will be spilt

The owner of a website which specialises in showing graphic pictures of murder scenes, violence and accidents has been arrested by the Canadian coppers. Mark Marek, 38, was arrested and charged with corrupting morals after he ran a video which shows the murder of student Jun Lin by Luka Magnotta in May 2012. Police said that Marek was co-operative and spoke to police for several hours.

A police spokesman said that he would love to tell you everything Marek said as it would be shocking. The Jun Lin murder shocked Canada. The victim’s severed hands and feet were mailed to political parties and elementary schools, and his torso was found inside a discarded suitcase. Police claim that Marek received the video in an email from Magnotta himself, and then posted it online on his website,

In statements posted on the Best Gore website, a person that appears to be Marek says police will attempt to frame him, and says he “embrace(s) the possibility of becoming a political prisoner.” Marek may soon face charges for other content on his website, possibly under hate crime laws.

A statement posted hours before Marek’s arrest says: “I’ve dedicated my life to fight against Evil and Lies, and I know that God and Truth are on my side. I do not fear the servants of Satan.” He also refers to the ZOG, an anti-semitic reference to the ‘Zionist Occupied Government’ conspiracy theory.

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