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Nintendo will not lay off staff

by on09 July 2013

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Despite the poor outlook

Troubled gamemaker Nintendo has promised that it will not lay off any of its staff to help its ailing bottom line.

The company has been suffering after its latest Wii console tanked. In January, Nintendo cut sales estimates for the Wii U from 5.5 million units to 4 million units for its current fiscal year.Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has dismissed ideas that Nintendo should perform a corporate restructuring in the wake of two years' worth of operating losses.

However Iwata said that people should not become too pessimistic about the current situation with the Wii U, "I think we should pour that time and energy into our [development] efforts, so eventually we can encourage third-party [publishers] to want to support Nintendo,” he said.

According to Iwata, Nintendo's operating losses are mostly the result of the exchange rate between the yen and the US dollar.

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