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Scientists discover a girl among them

by on18 April 2013

Deep shock

The scientific community is reeling from the discovery that a prominent member of their community is actually a woman. A promotion of a popular science site revealed that geeks are even more socially retarded than expected.

The Administrator for Science is Awesome site thought it would be a wizard wheeze to set up a link to a twitter account to draw in a few more pundits. However, the whole effort was eclipsed by the fact that the bog’s loyal readers realised she was a girl. Elise Andrew, an English blogger living in Canada, posted a link promoting her Twitter feed on her I Fucking Love Science Facebook page, which has more than 4.2 millon fans.

However she was not ready for shedloads of posts which suddenly started talking about how she was a girl and “a hottie.” Reverting to pre-pubescent boys, Andrew’s readers could not deal with the fact that women could be good at science. The twitter feed was full of comments about the fact she was a woman and rather attractive. In their heads this suddenly meant that she might want to sleep with them, because all the other women, who were not geeks did not.

For example Lou Forbes said: "you mean you're a girl, AND you're beautiful? wow, i just liked science a lil bit more today." There were some sensible comments pointing out that in science, sex is just a single genome characteristic, but the majority indicated that the emotional maturity of geeks in the US was even lower than many expected. Andrew tweeted that she was surprised that every post was about the fact she was a woman and what she looked like. She posed the question “is this 2013?”

But as the Guardian pointed out, the whole thing shows that the scientific community is socially backward and not yet ready to enter an age where women have the vote. It also shows why women are less interested in science and technology careers when they have to put up with this sort of thing. Andrew also runs the mirror page Science is Awesome, for those turned off by the strong language. That has more than 250,000 likes. Close followers would have known she was a female by interviews she did before.

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