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Intel shows off new web-based TV design kit

by on19 March 2013

Getting ready for show time

Chipzilla has unveiled a new reference design kit for a Web-based TV set-top box. The box will use an Atom processor and Hillcrest Labs' motion control technology.

According to a press release, the fact that the remote alongside Hillcrest's Freespace Motion Engine software will give subscribers the ability to control their TVs with "mouse-like navigation and point-and-click simplicity." Intel is showcasing the software at the TV Connect 2013 conference in London.

Chipzilla thinks that operators want better ways to help consumers find and navigate shows and applications.

"With Freespace, we're creating an out-of-the box, motion-ready reference solution for operators and OEMs globally," an Intel spokesman said.

Intel plans to release an Internet-based TV service and box this year. The chipmaker will provide the hardware and services to consumers and that the box would use a camera that could detect who is in front of the TV. Intel's kit is intended to allow equipment manufacturers to make set-top boxes and media servers based on the dual-core Atom CE5300.

The chip giant says it pre-integrated a media engine, broadcast stacks, virtualization, and motion control technology to reduce testing. Intel intends to make the reference design available to manufacturers next month.

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