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Apple turns to product placement to save it

by on05 February 2013

Kevin Spacey is a fanboy, apparently

As sales of its expensive toys flounder, Apple has become much more aggressive in the area of product placement in popular telly shows.

Engadget has spotted how bad it is getting in the House of Cards.  The show moved so fast that you did not notice product placements. But suddenly you spotted a desk full of an implausible range of Apple gadgets sitting on a congressman's office. There are three iPads and three iPhones. The aide sitting across the desk adds two more iPhones and another iPad.

Given that most US congressmen don’t even know how to turn on a computer this is pretty unlikely.  But the chance of two people using nine Apple devices and leaving them all switched on is taking the Nintendo. What is unusual is that the hero had been a BlackBerry user.

According to Brand Channel, Apple products appeared in only 17 percent of blockbusters in the first nine months of 2012, compared to 43 percent of top movies in 2011. It might be that this is because Jobs Mob thought television was a better target.
Still Microsoft has control of the Sherlock rip-off “Elementary” there everyone seems to use a Surface tablet.

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