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Big Content hit Google hard

by on31 December 2012

Had to remove 51,395,353 links

Copyright holders have ordered Google to remove 51,395,353 links to webpages which they claim contain stolen content. The figure represents a dramatic surge compared to previous years, probably because Big Content is relying more on automatic complaint systems.

Apparently the search giant is currently processing half a million “infringing” links per day, and this number is increasing week after week. But Hollywood and the major record labels say it is not enough and they want Google to increase its anti-piracy efforts. Under the DCMA Google has an obligation to remove infringing content but Google has been publishing all takedown requests online in their Transparency Report so the scale of Big Content’s antics can be seen.

Last week Google received takedown requests for a record-breaking 3,502,345 URLs, which is 15 times more than the amount received in January. The most active censor has been the RIAA is the most active sender. The music group asked Google to remove links to 7,816,766 allegedly infringing webpages this year. Of course because this is all automatic not all of the takedown requests are legitimate.

Google has not de-listed any websites, but in August the search engine did start downgrading “pirate” sites for which they receive a relatively many DMCA takedown notices.

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