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Samsung has 14nm milestone

by on24 December 2012

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Samsung has announced that it has reached a "milestone" in its development of 14-nanometer process technology. In a statement, the South Korean technology giant has achieved a "successful tape out of multiple development vehicles" for its 14nm process, It has also signed an agreement with ARM to share 14nm physical IP and libraries.

The 14nm process technology is the successor to current 22nm processes and is being touted as a way of getting ahead in the future-generation System-on-a-Chip (SoC) device manufacture. Samsung senior vice president Kyumyung Choi said in a statement that as the world moves closer to true mobile computing, chip designers are eager to take advantage of the gains in performance and significantly lower power of 14nm FinFET to deliver PC-like user experience in a mobile device.

Choi said that the design complexities of 14nm require complete harmony between the process technology, design methodology, tools, and IPs. Samsung is synchronising all the key elements so its customers can deliver their newest chips to market quickly and efficiently, Choi added.

Samsung, ARM, and additional ecosystem partners Cadence, Mentor, and Synopsys recently taped out a "full ARM Cortex-A7 processor" as well as a number of other test chips using the 14nm process. Samsung called the Cortex-A7 tape-out "a significant milestone for silicon manufacturing for the fabless ecosystem,” he said.

Samsung partners have also made a 14nm process design kit (PDK) available to fabless chip design companies that license ARM designs, Samsung said.

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