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Windows interface is Microsoft's albatross

by on26 November 2012

IDC hammers the new look

Microsoft's new Windows interface has been described as a "a monster that terrorises poor office workers and strangles their productivity."

IDC market analyst Amy Cheah, who has spoken to local retailers, vendors and channel partners as part of her work compiling sales numbers, said Windows 8 take-up was "not as strong as Microsoft would like it to be". Cheah said that while momentum for the operating system is picking up in November, office workers are starting to hate the interface.

IDC has yet to release its latest quarterly numbers but Cheah said it was already clear that Windows 8 was "a steep learning curve and the initial phase is going to be a bumpy one". The Guardian noted that the take-up of Windows 8 appeared to be much slower than sales of Windows 7 in a similar period after its launch.

Microsoft is blaming PC-makers for delivering a confusing array of lacklustre designs for the failure of Windows 8 to take off. A raft of PC vendors have released Windows 8 Ultrabook laptops, tablets and convertible or hybrid computers, but there were too many for users to choose from. Part of the problem is that Microsoft insisted on a tile interface  for PC users.  While this makes Windows 8 brilliant for mobiles it is rubbish for those who liked their old icons, windows and start menu just the way they were.

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