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ARM is just another Transmeta claims Intel

by on26 October 2012

Famous last words

Intel thinks that ARM is just like one of the many chip makers who have tried to take it on and failed.

Paul Otellini, chief executive officer of Intel, in an interview with AllThingsD web-site said that it would see off ARM. He compared ARM partners to companies like Transmeta, which designed ULP x86-compatible chips, but eventually went bankrupt and or Via, which offered low-power low-cost chips, but also failed to gain market share.

Otellini reckons that Intel's CPUs are the best and are getting better quicker than everything else and should see off the ARM threat. He said he had been around long enough to remember Transmeta and VIA.

“People come and go, and we have never had an exclusive, if you will. And, overall, the best chip has won,” stressed Mr. Otellini.

He said he was not worried that Windows 9 would run on ARM chips. He said that Intel-based Windows 8 machines will run all the software and Web sites written for past versions of Windows. That will not be as true on the ARM versions.

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