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Samsung refutes rumor of stopping LCD supply to Apple

by on23 October 2012

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Not going to happen

Although many initially fell for the rumor that Samsung will stop its LCD panel supply to Apple, the company quickly refuted these claims.

The rumor originated from The Korea Times, who quoted an unnamed senior source from Samsung. According to this source, Samsung believed that Apple is no longer “a cash-generator due to the iPhone maker's stiffer supply-chain management structure."

Samsung quickly responded and said the claim was completely false and that Samsung has never tried to cut its supply to Apple. The company requested the original story to be revised.

It’s true that the two have had quite a strange relationship as of late. Reading the headlines, it’s clear the companies are suing the bejesus out of one another, for whatever reason possible. Looking beneath the legal side of things though, they conduct business in an orderly fashion.

It has long been rumored that Apple is trying to cut its reliance on Samsung by turning to the likes of Sharp and LG. However, we’re talking serious businesses here, not kindergarten feuds, and we’re likely to see this love and hate relationship go on for a while. After all, how is this different than 99% of marriages today?

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Last modified on 23 October 2012
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