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Undercover journo talks work conditions in Foxconn

by on26 September 2012

foxconn logo

Apple’s logo makes him sick

Whew, I thought I was the only one. But in all seriousness, journalist Wang Yu has spent some time working in Foxconn, specifically on iPhone 5 production lines, and what he lived through is quite shocking. Not that anyone will care, but still.

Apparently, Yu now suffers from “painful muscle memory”, directly related to Apple’s iPhone 5. It is said this is a mental flashback to the pain experienced by repetitive, drone-like manufacturing of Apple’s shiny gear.  

Yu pointed out that the line he worked in required a minimum of 17 workers. However, many workers resigned and although there were only seven or eight left, their production target of 5,600 panels was unchanged.

He noted that the cooling agent for the machines smells unbearably and is bad for the workers’ noses and throats. Still, the company does not give out masks every day, as it is supposed to, but rather every week.

Most won’t care, because that’s just too far down the iHole for them to think, and quite understandably – the iPhone 5 is just to shiny to look beyond. However, for all Apple’s alleged interest into its supply lines, one of our readers said it best:” That damn sweatshop better deliver those new phones, otherwise Tim Cook will personally throw a couple dozen workers off the roof.”

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