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Right-wing party loses to cyber squatter

by on06 September 2012

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Forgot to pay for its domain name

A right-wing born-again Christian political party, which is calling for a Taliban style of religious government in New Zealand, is probably wishing that the Internet rules were a little less harsh.

Family First New Zealand is a political party which is anti-gay, anti-women's rights in fact anti-anything which is not mentioned in Deuteronomy. It claims that a “family friendly perspective with an emphasis on the Judeo-Christian values  have benefited New Zealand for generations”.  

Ironically their logo is a koro which is an ancient Maori symbol for new beginnings, growth and harmony. Pagan symbols which represent new beginnings are not something you would usually expect from a conservative right group, which looks back to days when you could kill people and their goats for miffing your God.  

Family First New Zealand recently collected 50,000 signatures in desperate bid to stop the country allowing gay marriage. They handed out lots of slips with their domain name on so that people could read all about the terrible things that gays would do if they were legally allowed to be married.

Unfortunately it seems that God, or the Devil, was against them. Someone in Family First New Zealand forgot to pay their domain name bill and the website listed on the slips was suddenly up for grabs.

This was spotted by the pro-Marriage Equality movement which bought, they are automatically redirected to There instead of the usual calls to stone gay people in the public square for failing to act according to the will of a loving god,  they can read a whole lot pro-marriage equality content.

Cyber squattering is normally annoying, but it is nice when the forces of darkness finally get a kick in their intolerances.

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