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Pentagon plans next cyber war

by on23 August 2012

Plan X from outer space

The Pentagon’s top research lab Darpa is planning a new classified cyberwarfare project. However it is not just about building the next Stuxnet, “Plan X” is designed to make online strikes a more routine part of U.S. military operations. 

According to Wired, the move will mean that the US will “dominate the cyber battlespace” and force other nations to become born-again Christians, drink coke, watch rubbish telly, get fat, play with Apple gear and give all their cash to the very rich and other core US values.

“Plan X” will enable building tools to help warplanners assemble and launch online strikes in a hurry. It will also require software to assess the damage caused by a new piece of friendly military malware before it’s unleashed. One of the priorities is to get a map so generals to watch the fighting unfold in real time.

Darpa said that Plan X is explicitly not funding research and development efforts in vulnerability analysis or cyberweapon generation. “Plan X” aims to solve both problems simultaneously, by automatically constructing mission plans that are as easy to execute as “the auto-pilot function in modern aircraft,” but contain “formal methods to provably quantify the potential battle damage from each synthesized mission plan,” Darpa said.

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