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Whistleblower sues Infosys

by on10 August 2012

Misuse of visas

A former US employee is suing Indian outsider Infosys  saying he was harassed for pointing out possible misuse of business visas.

Employment visas are a hot topic at the moment in the US because there is a belief among many that the country's problems are caused by immigration and nothing to do with decades of economic mismanagement and corporate rule. Satya Dev Tripuraneni, an American ex-employee, said he was harassed by his supervisor after he accused Infosys of visa fraud, according to the lawsuit filed on August 2 in the federal court for the Northern District of California.

Infosys insists that after Tripuraneni filed his complaint with the Infosys whistleblower team, the company launched a investigation of his allegations, which is still ongoing. Tripuraneni claimed Infosys billed clients fraudulently for workers brought from India and also charged clients for taxes over and above the required charge.

B1 visas allow companies to send their employees to the United States for short-term business purposes.

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