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Internet addiction to become actual medical disorder

by on30 July 2012

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Diagnosable and treatable

It has been reported that Internet addiction may eventually be considered an actual medical disorder that can be diagnosed and treated.

Apparently, China, Taiwan and Korea have already accepted this “disorder” as a psychiatric problem and centers treating teenagers can be found across the countries, although we doubt shock therapy treatments were really called for. Additionally, a simple search on “internet addiction treatment centre” shows plenty of groups and organizations dealing with this sort of problem across the globe. 

Google is said to be starting a campaign that should teach its employees of the risk of overindulging in their gadgets. Strangely enough for a company whose bread and butter is the internet, the company calls for balance in people’s online and offline lives.

As one would expect, Facebook was among the main addressees, and quite rightfully so. It is said that many people spend more time on their ex boyfriend/girlfriend’s profile than actually getting over them and meeting new people. Indeed, it’s quite amazing how badly twisted the word “social” ended up being.

Psychologist Seth Meyers argues however that such patterns of behavior have much more to do with the actual addiction to the person, rather than just being addicted to your hotspot. He conceded however that such behavior “becomes a drug.”

It has been reported that internet addiction, or at least long exposure times, may result in depressive, temperamental and possibly even psychotic episodes. Well, as long as we steer clear of shock therapy, we’re happy.

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Last modified on 30 July 2012
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