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Death toll for Apple gear rises

by on27 July 2012

Worker killed by poison gas

When you look at an Apple case you might be interested to know that this week making it cost the life of one person and critically injured five others.

Catcher Technology, who makes the casing for Apple toys, flooded one of its plants with chlorine gas. The company has confirmed that the gas leak took place at one of its plants in Suzhou, eastern China. One person died and four people are in a coma following the leak.

According to China's Xinhua Net the gas leak happened during waste water processing. Catcher said that it had nothing to do with production or material used. It was routine work and it was trying to understand what went wrong. It insisted that this was a single and isolated event.

Unfortunately this is not quite true. Last October, a separate Catcher plant in Suzhou was ordered closed for a time because of complaints from nearby residents about strong odours from, er gas.

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