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10 percent of mobile gamers play in church

by on25 July 2012

y analyst

And while driving

Well what did you expect? After all, mobile gaming is exactly that - mobile gaming, and the latest study showed just why some find it so appealing. Namely, a recent study looked at gaming habits in the U.K. and U.S. and found that mobile gaming gets quite popular in church, car and even the movies, which speaks volumes about Hollywood.

The study was conducted by Information Solutions Group research firm and released by PopCap Games. Interestingly enough, the study claims that half of mobile gamers tend to stick to their mobile devices for gaming even when at home.

Apparently, playing on the couch remains the most popular at 69 percent, while gaming in cars, busses and trains comes in close second at 63 percent. 57 percent said they play at home in bed while 55 percent do it while waiting for appointments. 41 percent does it while watching TV.

As many as 10 percent of mobile gamers threw some frustrated birds around while sitting in a house of worship, while driving and in movies. Amen to that then.

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Last modified on 25 July 2012
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