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Facebook makes you gay

by on13 July 2012


Russian into bizarre conclusions

The Russian Orthodox community in the city of Saratov, southern Russia, issued an ultimatum demanding that Facebook stop “flirting with sodomites” and remove all content promoting homosexuality.”

Apparently the community, which sees the Salvation Army as a sect on a par with Scientology and the Church of England, has got its knickers in a twist about Facebook. They are jolly worried that people will go to Facebook and see images of gay people living happy and fulfilled lives and not burning in hell.

They fear that with Facebook showing gay people as normal, the kids of today will just turn gay in response. We don't face the chances of gay kid in Saratov. But we doubt that anyone who has any common sense would leave this hate-filled religion to its own devices. With a bit of luck they will end up killing each other to prove who is closer to Jesus.

Just to show that the group were really with it technologically speaking they sent a fax of complaint international network’s office in Russia. Nice to know that Facebook still owned a fax machine. Otherwise the community would have had to send snail mail or send a pigeon.

They gave Facebook 24 hours to dismantle its gay loving apparatus or they will sue any internet service providers who give users access to Facebook content.

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