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Gaming market in US tumbles, drops 29 percent

by on13 July 2012

Market shifting to downloads and free casual games

Sales of video games, hardware, software and accessories in the US market tumbled 29 percent in June.

In June 2011 Americans spent $989.5 million on video gaming, but this year the figure dropped to $699.8 million. However, every cloud has a silver lining and NPD estimates that consumers probably spent as much as $1.36 billion if downloads are taken into account.

Consumers appear to be shifting toward digital downloads and casual games played on social notworking sites, so it no surprise that traditional sales of boxed games and gaming peripherals are slowing down.

Sales of gaming consoles are also weak, but this is part of a wider trend, as all major consoles are nearing the end of their life cycle. Handheld consoles are still going strong, but many analysts believe they will be supplanted and eventually replaced by mobile phones and tablets in a matter of years.

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