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Apple attempts to patent Google Glass

by on04 July 2012

We thought of Glass first and now have a patent

Jobs' “we steal all the best ideas” Mob has dashed to the patent office with a design which looks suspiciously like the one that Google made public last week.

Google Glass involved sticking information on a screen that looked like a pair of glasses. Yesterday the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday awarded the Cupertino tech giant a patent for a wearable display device. Apple's patent describes a "peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays."  It looks like it isn't intended to be as mobile as Google's Project Glass but rather a more static.

Apparently the device gives users with two displays and techniques for filling their peripheral vision with the image. It could be for a helmet, pair of glasses or even a visor, would have applications useful to surgeons, military personnel, firefighters, police officers, scientists and engineers.

It could mean that there will be a war about IT head gear which could be the next big thing after mobile will be headgear.

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