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Data center heats pool

by on18 April 2008


Saving energy

A data centre near Uitikon, Switzerland, is running so hot that the energy is being used to heat a nearby public swimming pool.

The center, belonging to the Swiss IT company GIB-Services,  has created a new energy efficient 'green' data centre at a former military bunker. Designers realized that the data centre would chuck out 2,800MWh of heat per year when its servers were running flat out. That is what is needed to keep 80 houses toasty and in warm water for one year.

So, after consulting with IBM, the company decided to use this energy to heat the local public swimming pool. IBM boffins said it was possible to reuse up to 90 per cent of the electric power required for the operation of the data center. This will save the planet more 130 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.
Last modified on 18 April 2008
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