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Microsoft admits it owns leaked Xbox document

by on21 June 2012

Taken down now

Microsoft lawyers issued a takedown request to Czech Republic website, claiming that publishing the "720" document was breach of it copyright.

However in doing so it is admitting that the report written in 2010 and recommends an Xbox 720 release in 2013 at a $299.99 price point is, or was, part of its strategy. It does not mean that the document is still part of its next-generation plans. Plans might have changed, and the document may have been created by an outside agency for Microsoft.

For those who came in late, the document recommends that the next-generation Xbox will feature Blu-ray compatibility, a form of augmented reality glasses, an enhanced version of Kinect, and references SmartGlass technology. Curiously this fits with a lot of rumours that have come from Redmond on the next-generation game gear.

The file was first hosted on document sharing website Scribd, though quickly removed at the request of Covington & Birling LLP, an international law firm that lists Microsoft as one of its clients.

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