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Another Yahoo CEO splits

by on14 May 2012

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Lied about having computer science degree

As if Yahoo hasn’t had enough on its plate lately, it now remains without a CEO as well. Namely, despite having been hired several months ago, Scott Thompson already stepped down as the company CEO.

It all happened after investor Daniel Loeb discovered that Thompson padded his resume. It said that Thompson has a computer science degree, which, it turns out, he hasn’t.

It is said that Thompson has been replaced by head of Yahoo global media Ross Levinsohn. Loeb will be appointed company director.

Thompson, former president of Paypal, was hired for the job in January, in what surely counts as the worst time period the company has seen. His task was to follow through with the plan to cut 2,000 jobs and save the company some precious funds. Well, now it's more like 2,001. 

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Last modified on 14 May 2012
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