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Apple dumps IPv6 support

by on16 April 2012

So much for that cutting edge thing

Jobs' Mob has managed another U-turn and backed away from IPv6 support. While the rest of the world is running out of IP addresses and being forced to move to IPv6, Apple has led the way in dropping its support for the next-generation Internet Protocol.

Presenters at the IPv6 Summit expressed annoyance that the latest version of Apple's AirPort Utility, Version 6.0, is no longer compatible with IPv6. The previous Version, 5.6, offered IPv6 service by default.

John Brzozowski, chief architect for IPv6 said Apple had taken the ability to seamlessly support IPv6 away from the AirPort Utility.  He said he expected to see more IPv6 support, not less, among vendors."

Apple's AirPort Utility 6.0, allows users to set-up and manage Wi-Fi networks. Because Version 6.0 of AirPort Utility doesn't support IPv6, users also must install the older version 5.6 in order to run IPv6.
So far it is not clear what Apple has been smoking when it thought this was a good idea.  Jobs' Mob has not said why.

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