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Kretsinger admits being a LulzSec hacker

by on06 April 2012

Appears to have copped a plea

Cody Kretsinger has admitted that he hacked into Sony Pictures network as part of a LulzSec operation. Kretsinger, 24, who used the handle "Recursion," admitted a charge of conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer.  His plea means that he will get a lot less than the 15 years he was up for if the prosecution threw the book at him.

After entering his plea  Kretsinger told the judge that he joined LulzSec and gained access to the Sony Pictures website. Kretsinger gave the information from the Sony site to other members of LulzSec, who then posted it onto the Lulzsec website and then Twitter. He and other LulzSec hackers, including "Sabu" and "Topiary," nicked the personal information of thousands of people after launching an "SQL injection" attack on the Sony website.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Vandevelde said it caused Sony Pictures Entertainment more than $600,000 in damages. Given that Big Content does tend to say that things, like piracy, cost it trillians when it didn't, the attack probably cost it a few hundred dollars and a couple of beers.

Anonymous leader "Sabu," whose real name is Hector Xavier Monsegur, had pleaded guilty to hacking-related charges and grassed up his fellow hackers. It was not clear if Kretsinger was also cooperating with authorities in exchange for leniency in sentencing.

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