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Most companies have not come up with a mobile plan

by on02 April 2012

It all just moves away from them

More than 60 per cent of businesses are yet to develop an enterprise-wide mobility strategy, according to a recent survey.

Software AG, which conducted the survey said that 38 per cent of those surveyed are yet to consider their strategy, while 22 per cent have only begun initial research. Of those companies that have developed a mobile strategy, 15 per cent have fully deployed them in their firms, while a further quarter confirmed that policies were already developed but only partly operational.

The survey also found that for those already underway, more than two-thirds are developing their strategy fully or partially in-house, with only 8 percent outsourcing the job.

John Chasey, Director, Mobile at Software AG said the figures showed the importance which the overwhelming majority attach to maintaining control over changes and updates. He said it was interesting that most mobile plans were not focused on adopting one company-wide device but wanted to use almost every bit of
mobile technology out there.

Only 15 per cent wanted  looking to standardise their mobile plans  on a single device.

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