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Kepler GK104 cards in production

by on24 February 2012

Partners got the briefing

We got word that Nvidia finally talked to its partners about its highly confidential Kepler products.

They got briefed, they got the reference design and the production of the cards is staring as we speak. It looks like most of the cards available at launch are going to look alike, with different cooling from some partners, but the non-reference partner cards will come a bit later.

Nvidia should be ready to release GK104 by April, but we are not aware of any solid date at this time. Jensen did mention that Nvidia had some lower than expected 28nm yields but also clarified that it is nothing like the transition to 40nm a few years back.

Despite some rumors that Kepler might be a good performer, AMD is still enjoying quite good sales of its 28nm products. It is getting ready to finish launching top to bottom portfolio from entry level all the way to high-end.

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